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We offer a wide range of hair removal techniques.


Full details of our waxing services are listed on our price list.
Don’t forget, we offer a range of Guinot after waxing skin care products, specifically designed to lighten and soften hair whilst slowing down it’s regrowth. Hair removal will be easier, more comfortable and less frequently required after regular use.
Talk to one of our Guinot product specialists for more details.


What is Depigei?

Depigei provides a long lasting, extremely effective method of hair removal. The human hair is complex and has a three stage lifecycle called the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases. During these stages the hair effectively grows, stops, dies and regenerates. In the growing stage it is the dermic papilla that generates hair and allows it to re-grow.

It is during this initial stage of growth that, by destroying the generative papilla, future growth can be prevented in most situations.

This is how electrolysis and other hair removal techniques work but Depigei is the revolutionary and virtually painless alternative.

  • Pain free—even in most sensitive areas
  • Needle free
  • No scarring
  • Sterex Blend

    The most advanced equipment and technique available to the skilled operator of today, who receives additional training in this technique. A far more effective and comfortable method of hair removal, blending two currents which are passed down the needle to effectively destroy the hair root.

    This process only takes a few seconds, after which the hair can be removed.


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