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Guinot is a salon-exclusive French skincare range, and the leading beauty salon brand offering exclusive salon care across 50 countries around the world.
The core Guinot belief principle, is that the qualified therapist has training and the skill to examine the skin and evaluate the client’s individual needs.
Your therapist begins each Guinot treatment with a customised in depth consultation to determine the right treatment, given your skin type and beauty goals.


The most advanced salon-exclusive facial for maintaining a healthy complexion. Hydradermie deep-cleanses, rehydrates and regenerates the skin using mild galvanic and high-frequency electrotherapy. Seven different types of treatment are available.
A qualified Gunot therapist diagnoses the galvanic gels best suited to each individual skin type making Hydradermie a truly customised treatment.

Hydradermie Plus

The Hydradermie facial with added treatments for the delicate eye and neck area, plus a luxurious massage using relaxing and toning oils.

Hydradermie Lift

The Hydradermie facial plus treatments for the delicate eye and neck area, plus a luxurious massage using relaxing and toning oils.

Hydradermie Back Treatment

A deep cleansing back treatment, ideal for cleansing blocked pores and improving skin texture.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux

A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment for the eyes.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux uses the latest salon technology to tighten, tone and smooth the skin around the eyes, widening the eye contour and reducing puffiness and under-eye shadows.


Beauté Neuve

This gentle peeling facial uses the powerful natural exfoliating properties of fruit AHAs, combined with pure vitamin C and anti-ageing ingredients to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation and re-hydrate and regenerate the skin.

A unique double-peeling system controls the level of exfoliation, protecting and maintaining the skin's natural pH. Skin is nourished and soothed with an anti-ageing regenerating sérum, and pigmentation is reduced by a melanin-inhibiting vitamin C mask.



This anti-ageing facial helps to firm, tone and brighten mature skin.

Extracts of orange and ginseng strengthen collagen and elastin fibres and reduce fine lines. The unique vitamin C thermal treatment mask solidifies and moulds to the contours of the face, relaxing the muscles and penetrating the epidermis to revitalise the complexion.
To complete the salon experience, the treatment concludes with a relaxing eye-contour massage.


Eye and Neck Treatment

A non-invasive anti-ageing eye and neck treatment

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