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Whatever your skin type or skin concern, there is a Guinot product to suit. Correct skin type diagnosis is crucial to a healthy complexion and it’s important to seek expert advice from one of our qualified Guinot skincare therapists.
Pop in for a free consultation. You will be advised on the products best suited to your skin type.

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Hydra Démaquillant Yeux

Gentle eye cleansing gel
Removes all traces of eye make-up, including water-proof mascara.
Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Impeccably removes make-up from the eye.
  • Protects and softs the eye contour.
  • Prevents from itching during make-up removal.
  • Suits contact lens wearers.
  • £

    Longue Vie Yeux

    Eye lifting cream
    Restores a youthful appearance to eyelids and eye contours.
  • Youth effect in the heart of the cells.
  • Smoothes and refreshes eyelids.
  • £

    Age Logic Yeux

    Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes
    More than just youth care, Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes creates new cell activity using the energy of ATP, the biological energy molecule
  • The vitality and firmness of the eye contour are improved.
  • Wrinkles and crow's feet are visibly smoothed.
  • The eyelids are toned and look lifted.
  • £

    Gel Anti-Fatigue Yeux

    Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel - Heavy Eyelids, Shadows, Bags
    Double action: against dark circles, drains and helps prevent under eye 'bags'
  • Reduces signs of fatigue.
  • Refreshing effect, which makes heavy eyelids feel more comfortable.
  • £

    Hydrazone Yeux

    Moisturising Eye Cream
    Provides a continuous source of hydration for the eye contour thanks to hydro-liposomes
  • Hydrates and smoothes eyelids and crow's feet.
  • Rejuvenates the appearance of the eyes.
  • £

    Masque Yeux

    Instant Eye Mask
    Anti-fatigue mask which reduces dark circles
  • Double action care: smoothing effect on crow's feet, draining effect on heavy eyelids
  • Cooling gel for an immediate anti-fatigue action.
  • Lessens the appearance of dark circles.
  • Visibly rejuvenates the eyes.
  • £

    Longue Vie Cou

    Firming Vital Neck Care - neck firming cream
    More than just a firming cream, this product has a specific action on the neck, helping to knit the epidermis back together and reinforcing the skin's elastic structures.
  • Rejuvenates the look and texture of the neck and décolleté.
  • Visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles.
  • £

    Longue Vie Lèvres

    Vital Lip Care
    Luscious lip beauty care!
    Plumping and nourishing cell regenerating care.
  • Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles on the lip contour.
  • Prolongs lipstick hold.
  • £

    Longue Vie Mains

    Rejuvenating Hand Care Cream
  • Protects the skin against environmental irritants
  • Keeps hands looking youthful
  • Helps brown spots disappear
  • £

    Lait Hydra Fraîcheur

    Refreshing Cleansing Milk
    Cleanser suitable for all skin types.
    Takes care of the skin by keeping it balanced in terms of hydration.
  • Cleanses and removes make-up, freeing the skin of all impurities.
  • Softens and refreshes the skin.
  • £

    Lotion Hydra Fraîcheur

    Refreshing Toning Lotion
    Toner suitable for all skin types.
    Completes skin cleansing, toning and refreshing. Skin texture is refined. Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free. Enriches the skin with plant extracts.

    Lait Hydra Confort

    Moisture Rich Cleansing Milk
    Cleanser suitable for dry skin types
    Completes make-up removal, tones and soothes the skin.
  • Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free.
  • Gives softness back to delicate skin.
  • £

    Lotion Hydra Confort

    Moisture Rich Toning Lotion
    Toning lotion suitable for dry skin types
    Completes make-up removal, tones and soothes the skin.
  • Alcohol-free and foaming surfactant-free.
  • Gives softness and flexibility back to delicate skins.
  • £

    Démaquillant Hydra Sensitive

    Gentle Cleanser
    Cleanser for sensitive skin
    Gently removes make-up and cleanses sensitive skin. Effective and quick-to-use 2-in-1 cleanser and toner formula.

    Microbiotic Lotion Régulatrice Matifiante

    Shine Control Toning Lotion
    Microbiotic Shine Control Toner for problematic oily skin
    Ideal for treating all types of oily skin, Microbiotic Lotion protects the skin all day long by controlling microbial flora through the Sebocidine complex. Stabilises sebum secretion, tightens pores, and neutralises shine.

    Hydra Tendre Nettoyant Douceur

    Soft Wash-Off Cleansing Cream
    Gentle cleansing wash for all skin types
    Gently cleanses and removes make-up for all skin types, for a refreshed complexion.

    Gommage Grain D'Éclat

    Gentle Face Exfoliating Cream
    Removes dead cells, recreating natural protection by use of plant oil microspheres.
  • The gentlest of mechanical scrubs.
  • Prepares the skin for optimal penetration of beauty products.
  • £

    Crème Nutrition Confort

    Continuous Nourishing and Protection Cream
    Nourishing repair cream.
    Repairs the epidermis deep down thanks to the instant penetration of essential oils. Nourishing oils restore the hydrolipidic film and the skin's natural comfort mechanism.

    Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort

    Instant Radiance Moisturizing Mask
    Drenches the skin in an instant bath of nutrition, with essential oils.
    The energy of essential oils boosts radiance. Natural oils nourish the epidermis. Immediately restoring radiance and comfort.

    Nutrizone - Dry Skin

    Nourishing Cream Perfect For Dry Skin
    Recharges the skin with precious nourishment.
    Brings comfort and beauty to dry skins. Improves the smoothness and the skin's suppleness - uncovers a radiant complexion.

    Crème Hydra Beauté

    Long Lasting Moisturizing Cream
    Moisturising Cream for dehydrated skin
    Rehydrates the epidermis.
    Increases cellular cohesion and restores the skin's protective film helping to retain moisture and reduce evaporation.
  • Quenches the thirst of dehydrated skins.
  • Reduces the feeling of tight skin.
  • Protects and soothes.
  • £

    Hydra Cellulaire Sérum

    Cell Moisturizing Serum
    Water "Perfusion" for dehydrated skin
    Perfuses water to the core of cells and brings cells which do not have enough water back to life.
    The face shines with beauty. Small wrinkles are smoothed out and plumped.

    Masque Hydra Beauté

    Moisture-Supplying Radiance Mask
    Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture
    Plumps cells in the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Immediate hydrating effect which makes the skin supple and velvety-smooth.
  • Refreshes and revives radiance.
  • £

    Hydrazone - All Skin Types

    A Continuous Source of Hydration for the Skin
    Provides a non-stop source of hydration to the three main areas of the skin due to "hydrocyte" liposomes.
  • Retains water in the skin.
  • Enables optimal and continuous hydration.
  • Refreshes and softens skin.
  • Enhances the skin's radiance.
  • £

    Age Nutritive

    Helps to "de-programme" the natural course of cell ageing
    Makes dry skin comfortable and supple, through essential fatty acids. Uncovers the radiance and youth of the complexion.

    Age Logic Cellulaire

    Youth renewing skin cream
    Recreates the appearance of young skin by providing the 56 active ingredients essential to cell life. They are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells.

    Pleine Vie

    "Youth reactivating" cream
    Slows the effects of ageing by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Awakens cell activity and vital skin functions through a reinforced anti-radical action. Recreates the radiance and comfort of young skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • £

    Masque Vital Antirides

    Anti-Wrinkle Mask
    Instant anti-fatigue and anti-wrinkle mask
  • Dermostimulines-DNA smoothes lines and erases signs of fatigue.
  • Effect: the skin and the complexion appear younger.
  • £

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